LIFF 2020 pivoted to a hybrid festival this year - half Drive-In Festival, half Virtual Cinema Festival. Never been to a Virtual Cinema? No problem! Here's what you need to know.

LIFF has curated over 80 films for you to choose from and watch from the comfort and safety of your own home. Included are select Feature films, LIFF's entire Short Film program, the entire LIFF Episodics program, as well the Festival's selection of Surfing Films. To see the Virtual Cinema lineup click HERE and then scroll to the bottom of page to see the Virtual Cinema Films.


Purchase an individual ticket to the Virtual Cinema screening you are interested in viewing OR purchase a Virtual Cinema Pass to view ALL Virtual Cinema content.

To purchase a Virtual Cinema Pass, click HERE.

To purchase an individual ticket, click HERE and then scroll to the bottom of the page to see the Virtual Cinema Films on sale.

All Virtual Cinema content can be watched on your own schedule - your Pass or Ticket allows you to watch and re-watch your film(s) any time between noon on Monday, June 15 through midnight on June 20.


Additionally ALL films in the Festival - whether Drive-In or Virtual Cinema - will have virtual talks or Q&As scheduled with their filmmakers, schedules permitting.

The schedule of the virtual Filmmaker Talks and Q&As is HERE.

Please note that you must RSVP for all Filmmaker Talks or Q&As in order to save your spot and get a reminder email just before the talk begins.


Below are some Frequently Asked Questions.


See the full lineup of over 80 films on the LIFF ticketing page. You can find the virtual screenings listed at the bottom of the page. Check it out here:

Simple! Here's how:

1. Go to the LIFF ticketing site:

2. On the ticketing site, all the virtual screenings are listed at the bottom of the screen in their own section.

3. Go through the purchase process on the ticketing site to buy your ticket(s).

4. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address, with a link to the Virtual Screening for which you bought a ticket. Same for the Filmmaker Talks and Q&As.

5. Click on the screening link sent to you to watch your Virtual Screening ANY TIME during the festival period.

The Virtual Festival period runs from noon on Monday, June 15 - midnight on Saturday, June 20. After midnight on June 20, there will be no further access to any films.

After purchasing your ticket, look for a confirmation email. This confirmation email contains the link to your Virtual Festival Screening. Click the link and your film screening will load up. Watch and enjoy!

If you buy in advance, you will receive an reminder email just prior to the beginning of the Festival Activation period on Monday, June 15 with a link that will allow you access to your film(s) starting at noon that day.

Here is where answers to most technical questions can be found:

If still having issues, please contact for additional assistance.

You may watch a Virtual Festival screening at ANY TIME beginning noon Monday June 15 and ending midnight Saturday, June 20! The virtual screening side of LIFF 2020 allows for you to choose your own screening schedule anytime during the designated virtual festival period.

After midnight Eastern Time on Saturday, June 20 there will be no further access to any Virtual Films.

Please note that the Live Q&A and Filmmaker Talks will take place LIVE on a set schedule. These will be archived for watching anytime after it concludes.

YES to BOTH! Each film in LIFF 2020 will have a filmmaker talk or a Q&A session, filmmaker schedules permitting. These LIVE Talks and Q&A are on a set schedule.

Two places!

They are on the LIFF website with RSVP links to immediately save your spot for a talk or Q&A - no purchase or checkout required!

Also all Filmmaker Talks and LIVE Q&As are listed on the LIFF ticketing site alongside the films for sale - add all Talks and Q&As to your cart for free alongside film purchases:

YES! All attendees must save their spot in the Live Filmmaker Talk or Q&A session.

When you get your free ticket on our website or the ticketing site to a Filmmaker Talk or Q&A there is one more step - you must save your spot on Crowdcast, where all the talks will happen.

On our website you can RSVP immediately via the link.

If adding via ticketing site they will send the stream link to the talk an hour before it happens, where you can save your spot.

It is very simple and takes less than a minute. Once your spot is saved, Crowdcast will send you a reminder about your talk just before it starts.

We strongly encourage everyone to watch all the films in the Shorts Block as close to the time period of the Q&A so as to have the films fresh in your minds as you watch the Live Q&As.

YES! All Q&As for virtual screenings are open to the public. The free tickets are on our ticketing website and then you just use the link in the confirmation email to save your spot.

Simplest is go to the LIFF website and RSVP for all those you're interested in.

RSVPing for an event will allow you to save your spot on Crowdcast. Crowdcast will send you a reminder and a link just before it begins.

If using the LIFF ticketing site to add films and Q&As all at once, add any Talk/Q&A to your cart and check out, just like buying any ticket, except these Filmmaker Talks and Q&As are free.

An hour before the Talk or Q&A event begins, you'll get a reminder email with a link in the email to Crowdcast - where the virtual talks are held - so click the link to go to Crowdcast and save your spot. It takes less than a minute.

You will be sent instructions in a document entitled "How to Access My Virtual Pass" prior to the Access Period, which begins on Monday, June 15.

YES! We encourage you to reach out to cast, crew, friends and family to watch your film screen in its screening block. Then have them come watch you do your live Q&A as well.

For feature films, please contact your LIFF festival programmer to discuss options.

For short films and Episodics selections, because of the limited time to talk with all filmmakers in the screening block and number of films per block, we must limit each film to one representative on screen to talk about their film. However, all cast and crew are encouraged to attend the Q&A and participate in the chat, ask questions, support the film and add to the event!

Glad you asked! Virtual Film Festival screenings are new to people and they may be confused how to watch and support you.

Here is something to copy, paste and edit to turn people out & give them info:

Great news! My film is screening at the Lighthouse International Film Festival! It's been named "One of the 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World" by MovieMaker magazine and I'd love for you to buy a ticket to watch my film alongside others in their world-class lineup and support independent film!

Because of COVID-19, my film screens virtually at this year's festival. What does that mean? It means if you buy a ticket you can watch my film in a curated block of short films (about 90m total runtime) anytime between Monday, June 15 at noon until Saturday, June 20 at midnight! You also get to watch me discuss the film in a live online Q&A with festival programmers.

To buy a ticket and watch the live Q&A:

1. Go to the LIFF ticketing site:

2. On the ticketing site, my film plays in SHORTS/EPISODICS BLOCK #

3. Also add the Q&A for my shorts block to your cart - it's free!

4. Go through the purchase process and buy your ticket(s).

5. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address, with a link to the Virtual Screening for which you bought a ticket. If purchasing before June 15, the email with screening link will come when the festival screening period opens at noon on June 15.

6. Click on the screening link sent to you to watch your Virtual Screening of my film in its curated Shorts Block of films ANY TIME during the festival period (noon Monday, June 15-midnight Saturday, June 20.)

7. To watch me in the Live Virtual Q&A just save your spot on Crowdcast via the link in the reminder email sent to you about the Q&A an hour before it happens. You'll see there is a set date and time for my Q&A so watch my film beforehand.

I'd love for you to support me and my fellow Festival filmmakers. LIFF chose to push forward and champion their filmmakers with a full festival despite the tough circumstances. It's a true indie festival, a not-for-profit and they do it for the love of film and the arts.

Thank you for your support and I hope to - virtually - see you there!