2017-2018 Screenings
April 28, 2018
Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences
Q & A with Director Vanessa Gould
More details to be announced

As documentaries go, few of them are as outright entertaining to watch as director Vanessa Gould's fascinating treatment of The New York Times obituary reporters, called, appropriately enough Obit. It's not hard to believe that no one has ever touched this subject as a feature film before, as on the surface it doesn't seem that appetizing, but there is a lot of meat on these bones and Gould mines it for all its worth - and then some. Focusing on the often forgotten journalistic art of obituary writing, Gould and her cameras invade The New York Times newsroom and zero in on their staff of obit reporters. This is a top notch group of newspaper veterans, now somewhat older, who have graduated to the obit desk where on a daily basis they act almost like investigative journos attempting to get to the essence of the now deceased and the lives they once led.

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Adele and Everything After
Saturday, March 10, 2018
7 p.m.
Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts & Sciences
120 Long Beach Blvd
Loveladies, NJ
Phone: 609. 494.1241
Family Friendly- Children under 12 FREE
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Adele and Everything After is an award winning documentary about a woman with a broken heart, and the service dog who saved her. Marty had a heart condition that used to make her faint every day. Adele was one of the world's first cardiac alert service dogs and she stopped Marty from fainting at all. They were the perfect team. They were soulmates. Adele could literally sense the the beating of Marty's heart. Canine Partners the service dog organization who trained Adele will be presenting a service dog demonstration.

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Talking Sticks
Saturday, Feb 17
7:00 p.m.
Surf City Firehouse
713 Long Beach Blvd.
Surf City, NJ 08008
Fee: $5 /Children and LIFS members Free
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Vibes and marimba are the focus of this extraordinary and compelling film, Talking Sticks, about creativity, culture and connection. Leading percussionist Arthur Lipner is our journeyman. His personal experiences and search for fulfillment bring us to a small village in Ghana, Carnival in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, a marimba factory in Mexico, improvisation on an ice xylophone in Norway, and much more. Talking Sticks includes a brief history of vibes and marimba, footage of the instruments being made by artisans in several countries, and glimpses of the critical role of music in different cultures. Grammy-winning vibes player Gary Burton, jazz legend Mike Mainieri, ice musician Terje Isungset (interviewed in an igloo!) and other top musicians discuss percussion and music in their lives. Talking Sticks brings performances, education and extraordinary locations together to create a unique and inspiring documentary for all ages. ( 63 mins).
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Under an Arctic Sky
Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017
7:00 p.m.
South End Surf N' Paddle
220 S. Bay Avenue
Beach Haven, NJ
(609) 492-8823
$5 (LIFS members free)

Under an Arctic Sky is a beautifully filmed adventure documentary about a group of surfers who journey to Iceland's north coast in search of perfect waves during the largest storm in 25 years. The film follows six surders along with adventure photographer Chris Burkard and filmmaker Ben Weiland as they seek out unknown swell in the remote fjords of Iceland's Hornstrandir Nature Reserve.

Six surfers set sail along the frozen shores of Iceland, knowing that the worst storm to hit the country in twenty-five years is about to arrive. Enduring constant darkness and stormy seas they discover perfect waves and make history of surfing under the northern lights.

Chris Burkard's visionary perspective has earned him opportunities to work on global, prominent campaigns with Fortune 500 clients, speak on the TED station, design product lines,teach, and publish a collection of books, including a children's book. Along with his team, Burkard is based out of his full-scale production studio and art gallery on the Central Coast-Pismo Beach, California.

A beautiful film that you can see at South End Surf N' Paddle, Beach Haven NJ - 7:00PM- Saturday November 25th.

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That Way Madness Lies...
Panel discussion with director Sandra Luckow
Friday, November 3, 2017 at 7 p.m.
Alton Auditorium at Stockton University
101 Vera King Farris Dr.
Galloway, NJ 08205
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Sandra Luckow's documentary film That Way Madness Lies... tells of a family upended by escalating mental illness, arrests, incarcerations and their quest to find mental health care. This film will unnerve you and infuriate you as Sandra is thwarted at every turn in attempting to find care for her brother. He is but one of the many most vulnerable in society who need but cannot attain proper mental health care. A film not to be missed if you have been touched by mental illness. Suggested for nurses, ER staff, social workers, first responders, police, counselors, students and caregivers.One that should be seen by policy makers and those who care about the care and treatment of people living with mental illness in America.

"The title of the film, THAT WAY MADNESS LIES... is a quote from Shakespeare's King Lear, Act III, Scene IV. It speaks to the complications of dealing with mental illness, and our own uncertainties as to which direction we should pursue towards wellness and peace. It is my greatest hope that this film will be an agent for changing the way we deal with our mental health in America," says director Luckow. For a preview, or more information regarding the film, please see:

No registration necessary. Visit the SCOSA website at for more information, updates and cancellation procedures.

The Stockton Center on Successful Aging and the Lighthouse International Film Society are sponsoring this free documentary film, That Way Madness Lies..., and Q&A on Friday, November 3, 2017 at 7pm, in the Alton Auditorium at Stockton University, 101 Vera King Farris Dr., Galloway, NJ 08205.
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A Plastic Ocean
Saturday, September 23
5:30-6:30 - Exhibits and Information available
6:30 Film - A Plastic Ocean screening
8:30 p.m. - Q & A Panel Discusssion
Ship Bottom Firehouse
Admission : $5 Free LIFS members, first responders, students, educators

A Plastic Ocean is a feature-length award winning adventure, environmental documentary that brings to light the consequences of our global disposable lifestyle. We thought we could use plastic once and throw it away with negligible impact to humans and animals. That turns out to be untrue.

In A Plastic Ocean, an international team of adventurers, researchers, and Ocean ambassadors go on a mission around the globe to uncover the shocking truth about what is truly lurking beneath the surface of our seemingly pristine Ocean.

The results will astound viewers-just as it did our adventurers-who captured never-before-seen images of marine life, plastic pollution, and its ultimate consequences for human health. During its four-year production period, A Plastic Ocean was filmed in 20 locations around the world in beautiful and chilling detail to document the global effects of plastic pollution-and introduce workable technology and policy solutions that can, if implemented in time, change things for the better.

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For Love of Meat
Smoky's BBQ sandwich, 2 sides, beverage and sweet.
Ship Bottom Brewery Craft Beer available for purchase.
Q & A with For Love of Meat director Jeff Jones.
Thursday, August 24th
7:00 p.m.
Surf City Firehouse
$20 per person

The documentary For the Love of Meat focuses on the folks who take their BBQ seriously. If any gastronomical treat could give the proverbially American apple pie a run for its money, it might just be barbecue. Some even see it as a calling, it is in there blood a tradition to be passed along. Known as pit masters, folks like Tootsie Tomanetz, owner of Snow's BBQ in Lexington, and Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue in Austin detail the effort it takes to create melt-in-your-mouth brisket, sausage, and other cuts of meat. From the various types of wood used in smoking meats to rubs and sauces, this documentary will leave you salivating. It's a must for the down-to-earth epicurean. If you love BBQ or know someone who does this is a do-not miss doc! So join us for some Jersey BBQ, craft beer and some fun!

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Join the Surf City Volunteer Fire Fighters and the Lighthouse International Film Festival Folks for a great BBQ, Beer and Film Event!

Proceeds benefit the Surf City Fire House and the Lighthouse International Film Festival

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Saturday, April 22, 2017
Ocean Frontiers III - Leaders in Ocean Stewardship & the New Blue Economy
Panel Discussions, Q & A
7:00 p.m.
Ship Bottom Volunteer Firehouse, 2006 Central Ave, Ship Bottom, NJ 08008
Admission - $5 / Free for LIFSociety Members, Students, Faculty, and First Responders with appropriate ID
Refreshments provided by A Little Bite of Italy
Reservations requested
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Ocean Frontiers III explores the intersection of national security, marine commerce, recreation and conservation. The film allows viewers to witness an unprecedented collaboration of stakeholders - including fishermen, coastal planners, military officials, Native American leaders, environmental advocates, scientists and wind energy executives - who are working to manage and balance all the uses of the ocean so it can thrive for generations to come.

Q&A after the film with Angela Anderson, Long Beach Township; Jay Mann, The SandPaper; Kevin Hassell, NJ DEP; Tim Dillingham, American Littoral Society; and Amy Williams, NJ Sea Grant (moderator). Reservations requested, reserve your seat. Limited tickets will be available at the door. Refreshments provided by A Little Bite of Italy. For more Ocean Frontiers III information about the film series, visit

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Saturday, March 18, 2017
Spaghetti Man
Long Beach Island Museum
129 Engleside Ave, Beach Haven, NJ 08008
7:00 p.m.
Admission: $5, Free for LIFSociety Members

Spaghetti Man is a fresh, hilarious and classic spoof on life! If you love the 4 Big S's: spaghetti, soup, super heroes and silliness; the screening of Spaghetti Man at the Long Beach Island Museum is definitely up your alley. In Mark Potts' new film, Spaghetti Man, all you need is a microwave malfunction and some spaghetti to save the day. Clark doesn't care about you. He doesn't care about the world. He barely cares about himself. But after an incident with an old bowl of spaghetti and a malfunctioning microwave, he becomes a superhero that can fight crime with the power of spaghetti. Skype Q&A with Mark Potts following the screening. Catch the trailer at -

Tickets available at door.